Rayman Adventures

UPDATE : 10/01/2017 Added some visuals I made and short movies .

The Project :

Rayman Adventures is a  Video Game on IOS and Android.
Embark on amazing adventures through legendary worlds on a quest to rescue the Incrediballs!
The enchanted forest is in trouble; the ancient eggs that sustain the sacred tree have been stolen and scattered across the world.
From haunted medieval castles to the mythical worlds of Olympus, Rayman, our fearless adventurer, and Barbara, his Viking companion, set out in search of the Incrediballs eggs to breathe new life into the sacred tree!

My work :

I was mainly in charge of the creation in CG, of some of the main creatures in the game.
It was a really creative project, as I had to figure out how the creatures will express themselves and how to put them in volume.
Luckily, as I love facial expressions, and they are shaped like balls, the face is taking most of the place.
The most advanced character is Snifler, as he served to test all the others in 3D.
The first idea was to adapt the rig and change the character to create multiple members of a family.

Here’s the Marketing visuals i made of characters, i was also in charge of the texturing and rendering :








Here’s a trailer using the Snifler I’ve worked on !
The ball shape is really another character, using it’s own controlers and deformers.
This was an early test to see if the character will handle animation.
The animation and render were made at Cubre Creative :


There is also short movies, based on my 3D models.



Done with Maya, Zbrush, Vray and photoshop.