La Vie en Vert

The project :

A green Spoonbill dreams with all his heart to become an elegant flamingo. He will have to count on the help of his friends…
This is the short movie I co-directed with my friends at ESMA Montpellier in 2013.

The Poster of the film :


And the actual short movie !

My work :

As co-director, I was mainly in charge of the storyboard, layout, character modeling and facial rigging of all of the characters (birds).
Most of my work on facial animation and modeling can be seen on he first half of my showreel 2014 :

I also did some animation, lighting, rendering and compositing as well.

And here is a Progression reel of my work from the layout to the final animation.

And finally, some early render tests for the forest made by Benoit Maillet.